International Media      Spring 2014    

This course examines media and culture in an international context. Mass media has always been a global endeavor, but the last half of the twentieth century and the first decade of the 21st century has seen incredible advancements in the development of media technologies that disrupt and change the traditional distribution of information. We will examine these developments by examining media production as a global system that is impacted by numerous factors including histories of international relations, global politics and economy, cross cultural exchanges of information and Diaspora.


  • Think about media as a global network, and who has access to that network, by developing an understanding of the global political economy of media
  • Consider the influence of media on culture worldwide, and the multi-directional flow of media and culture (how our culture influences others, and how other cultures influence our own). Are there still discrete cultures? Or, do we now exist in one globalized culture?
  • Investigate how new technologies are creating opportunities for (some) audiences to be media producers and reach wide audiences via the Internet. How does this impact the sharing of culture? How does this impact the ability of people to voice resistance, protest injustice, and organize against powerful institutions?

Class Schedule (subject to change, please keep up with course reading changes)

 Jan. 21st    Introduction to International Media

23rd      Thussu, D. Introduction. Internationalizing Media Studies Introduction: pg. 1- 5            &cad=3#v=onepage&q&f=false

Thussu, D. Theorizing Globalization

 28th       Mazarella, W. Culture, Globalization, Mediation (available on Sakai)

30th         Rantenan, T. Ch. 1 Theorizing Media and Globalization (available on Sakai)

Technology, Culture, and Communication

Feb 4th    McLuhan, M. & Fiore, The Medium is the Massage (available on Sakai)

Winston, B.  How are Media Born?   

6th          Murphie & Potts. Technological Determinism and Cultural Materialism

Cultural Imperialism and Glocalization

11th       Adorno, T. Culture Industry Reconsidered            nsidered.shtml

13th         Schiller, H. The Corporation and Production of Culture.   

Proposals Due

18th       Morley, D. Globalisation and Cultural Imperialism Reconsidered

20th        Straubhaar, J. Beyond Media Imperialism


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