Bollywood into Hollywood


Often you see people making the connection between Bollywood and Hollywood movies by talking about the influence Hollywood has on Bollywood. However, people are reluctant to notice the effect and influence Bollywood has on Hollywood as well. The music of Bollywood is often looked at with American influence in not only the videos but within the lyrics and instrumental sound as well, similarly Bollywood movies are often compared to Hollywood movies and seen as a “knock off” of many. For example the movie ‘Hey Baby’ in Bollywood is often compared to the movie “Three Men and a Baby”, Hollywood movie ‘Hitch’ is often compared to ‘Partner’ and ‘Anger Management is often compared to Bollywood movie ‘Mujhse Shaadi Karoge’. Below is a comparison of Bollywood and Hollywood movies.


While people are quick to point out the influence Hollywood has on Bollywood many fail to notice the influences Bollywood has on Hollywood. According to CNN, many Hollywood films also have been influenced by Bollywood. The 2001 musical “Moulin Rouge”, which depicts a tragic love story is known to have been heavily influenced by Bollywood. Other films that are notably known to have borrowed from Bollywood are Hollywood’s ‘The Love Guru’ and ‘The 40- Year-Old Virgin’.

What made me think of the influences however, was not Hollywood vs Bollywood but instead the recent trending and very popular post of a teenager named Meghan Koushik on Tumblr, who compares the ending of the popular American show ‘How I Met Your Mother’ to prominent and classic Bollywood 90s movie ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.’ The post became so popular it was even covered by and mentioned in The Times of India. It goes through the series finale and compares it to scenes from the Bollywood movie. Aside from this many others posted on twitter how they felt as though the series was a longated version of the Bollywood movie. The comparison depicts how while many are quick to point out the relevance of Hollywood influences in Bollywood, they fail to realize there are many Bollywood influences in Hollywood as well, but only those who keep up with Bollywood usually see the impact.

Tumblr Post:

Times of India Article:







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