Sony’s and Nintendo’s Transition

For decades Sony and Nintendo have been on top of their game in business for exactly that.. Games! and of course other technological advances. Both companies are from Japan, they have originated from Japan grew into a massive fandom and make their way into the USA’s cultural lives but the question is how and why? What do these companies do in order to influence and maintain such a strong hold above us. It’s easy to say as we all grew up we knew about Mario right? How is that? How is it that something from across the world has entered our childhood. So to above confusion to begin is Nintendo. This company began just by making paper cards and from there slowly advanced into toys and eventually video creating one of the most iconic gaming characters ever Mario. And the thing about Mario is that it is integrated into our childhoods and our lives. If you ask anyone anywhere there is a high percent chance that they know about Mario. Here is a good clip about an example of how Americans integrated American Culture to Japan Cultural where they fuse two completely different games into as a fan made film.

Another Company that has made a huge impact in a global scale is Sony. Sony started off as a radio repair company but after years of hard work now transitioned into one of the best technological companies in the world. Almost everything is some how linked with Sony. And it isn’t just Technology but also gaming as well. Sony also creates one of the most popular gaming systems the PlayStation and once again this is another Japanese company that has influence all over the world. So the question is how does a small time radio repair company became an empire in so many different fields?

Here is a film of the PlayStation 4’s press release and you can just see the massive support for that system. It is insane.

PlayStation 4 Press Release


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