Water: An Environmental Problem Worldwide

I came across an article from the Tehran Times. Tehran is Iran’s capital, and in addition is the largest city in Western Asia consisting of around 8.3 million individuals. The article was concerning an environmental issue that is an international problem, water consumption. The governor of Tehran said if water consumption in Tehran is not reduced by 20 percent, then water will have to be rationed in the metropolis. They reported that water in 57 dams in the country are less than 40 percent, when the country has a total of 157 dams.

“According to IRNA news agency, 19 dams contain between 40-50 percent water, 27 between 50-70 percent, 25 between 70-90 percent, and 24 between 90-100 percent. The deputy head of Iran’s Water and Sewage Company recently warned that “500 cities in Iran are facing a water crisis.The private intelligence company Stratfor noted in a recent report that Iran’s rainfall rate is only about one-third to one-fourth of the global average. ” -The Tehran Times
The critical issue of the lack of safe water is affecting us on an international level. Resulting in human’s detrimental habits and lifestyle worldwideis affecting the ecosystem in harmful ways. Being ecologically conservative is a difficult task when many people are unmindful and sometimes indifferent to the way the world is destroying the environment. This shows that no matter where you are from in the world, we are all humans. When it comes to globalization, we can think of this example as a factor in linking many different nations around the world to come together to help save our environment.

Some Facts on Water Shortages:

3.4 million people die each year from a water-related disease

783 million people lack access to clean water, that’s 11% of the global population.

The world must help each other in raising awareness of the importance of water for the wellness of mankind. Technological advancements in media enable us to gain information of what is going on all around the world. Here is a video on the water crisis in Iran:


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