In and Out of the US

The United States is a powerful nation-state and our media is far reaching. Not only are other cultures influenced by the US, their media reflects these instances. Australia is about to receive The Tomorrow People just as the season is ending in the US. However, not all US shows in other countries follow suit.


While there are some subtitled or dubbed shows that originated in the United States airing in other countries, there are plenty more that have been completely remade. In Turkey, The O.C. is being remade with the same story line, but completely in Turkish. Russia has done the same with The Nanny and Prison Break and India has their own version of 24.

However, there is not a one way flow of media out of the United States. In fact, the United States media corporations have been doing the same thing as Turkey, Russia, India and numerous other countries. A well known example of shows taken from other countries are The Office and American Idol. Both shows were derived from popular shows aired in the United Kingdom. The Netherlands have contributed to the US media with Deal or No Deal, called Miljoenenjacht and Israel’s Prisoners of War is enjoyed as Homeland in the US.

homeland prisoners of war

The media systems of the United States and various other countries participate in a globalized system. The flow of media, while still uneven, is not completely one sided.


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