I came across an article which speaks on the recent issues of corruption in the India media system. It was quite long and detailed so here is my summary:

India is the world’s largest democracy. With mass media being one of the pillars of democracy, it is no surprise that the media system in India is the largest and one of the most vibrant in the world. In recent years it has been under scrutiny for alleged corruption in favor of individuals, political parties, or organizations. They have been accused of planting information that is disguised as news, or in other words “paid news”. Paid news is distinguished by its blurring of the lines between advertising and news. A big issue with this Is that the media companies and news papers would receive this pay met in cash and often times not disclose it In their financial reports, violating many federal laws. The concern is that it is becoming widespread and organized now. Large media companies now have silent treaties with corporate entities and have been accused of “blacking out” or not reporting on unattractive things about the respective corporation and magnifying the approved image of the corporation. This is a foundation for an unbalanced and unfair media system. The fear is that the corruption in the media would not only undermine the media system itself but also the democracy of India as a nation.  





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