Social Media and a Social Revolution

 With Russians increasing influence looming over Ukraine, the region of Crimea is going to be facing dramatic changes to its media access. Its apparent enthusiasm to become a part of Russia, could end up cutting them off from a flow of information that they were used to.

Ukraine is one of the most modernized the post-Soviet territories. Having access to media and information has played a crucial role in the revolutions of past months. In Kiev alone, 90% of the population has Internet access, which lead to people relying on it for rapid updates and information throughout the protests. Some people will assert that it was a Facebook post that originally called people to Independence Square to begin protesting the government, but many believe that this response would have happened either way, but sites like Twitter and Facebook certainly sped things up. Social media was essential to organize, and spread information quickly and efficiently not only to people throughout Ukraine, but those around the world as well.


Russia has also been utilizing social media quite frequently. Although it has been mainly to spread inaccurate information, all in the hopes of swinging undecided Ukrainians towards a more favorable view of Russian influence. They have paid bloggers to spread fake news stories, and even blocked Ukrainian websites from Russians to prevent them having access to them.

Currently, Crimea gets its Internet access from Ukraine, so Russia does not have the ability to shut it off. However, Russia is currently in the process of building a cable into the region so that they can have control over it. It will be interesting to see how this change impacts the people of Crimea. Being cut off from Facebook may not be that big of a deal, but no longer even having the option of searching for unbiased information could be.


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