The Buzzfeed Influence

American media website Buzzfeed is probably one of the most popular sources for information.  The crass writing, the ‘listicles’, and the funny memes and gifs accompanying each article make Buzzfeed an easy place for people to update themselves on the current headlines or take mindless quizzes.  There has been argument over the last few decades that American society and the younger generations are not able to read long and detailed news articles, and many times today people only skim the first paragraph of articles.  But the writers at Buzzfeed know how to make journalism and news ‘fun’.

It seems as though this trend in ‘listicles’ has influenced other parts of the world however.  Here is a Buzzfeed article crediting the Nigerian Buzzfeed, Oodera:

And not only that, but Disney has even started a blog modeled after the Buzzfeed format:

And most recently, Israel has a sort of tribute website to Buzzfeed called PlayBuzz:

It is no secret how much American media influences other cultures in the world especially through entertainment, and in a way Buzzfeed has made a new form of entertaining journalism.  This could be considered a form a of glocalization.  Just like McDonald’s has implemented itself all over the world, the Buzzfeed model is now being introduced to various cultures.  Buzzfeed may not be branching itself out purposely necessarily, but they do automatically advertise these ‘knock off’ sites by writing articles featuring them.


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