The Hinglish Epidemic

The language usually associated with India is Hindi. However, this language is spoken mostly in the Northern part and is the official language of the government, not the nation. Spread throughout the country are various dialects and even entirely different languages. With this being said, the only language that enables people from all over the country to communicate is English. India is believed to be the second- largest English- speaking country after the United States. This cultural imperialism is reflected is many aspects of the culture. Most people in India want their kids to attend schools where English is taught, often by Catholic priests. When you call someone and the line is busy, the automated voice message says “Dial kiya gaya number abhi vyast hai” which translates to “The number you’ve dialed is currently busy”. Increasingly more Bollywood films are mixing Hindi and English in the film dialogue and musical numbers as well. Below is an example of a song from the movie Race 2 (notice even the movie name is in English).

This development seems to be creating a new culture for India and is eroding at the idea of the  “pure” Indian culture that may or may not have existed before India’s exposure to the West.


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