Bermuda controversy: The Son of Soil

In 2007, Wiki Leaks released documents that revealed the findings behind investigations into the Bermuda Housing Corporation, which invested up to $800,000 into drug trafficking in the United States. Behind the entire investigation was “The Son of Soil” who was said to be the person that leaked all the details of the investigation.

Here’s The Son of Soil’s letter to the people of Bermuda (link):



In that letter, the Son of Soil calls for a revolution of the Bermudan people against the Premier, the leader of the Government in Bermuda.

Later in 2007, the Son of Soil came out and revealed himself as Harold Darrell and said he had received death threats from the government itself in this article from The Mid Ocean News.

Before his resignation, the Premier Ewart Brown, announced that the government would stop using one of the two major newspapers, The Royal Gazette for advertising, citing a desire to use online media.


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