Experience the Game

Gaming is no longer just a hobby, it has become a lifestyle. The way we play, the way we experience and the way we expect the future of gaming is always developing. And every decade or so (exaggerating) these gaming companies bring out something that completely alters and changes our way of life! (again exaggerating). But why is this important? Who cares? It’s just gaming. The truth behind it is that it isn’t just about gaming, just like books, art, music, anything creative related and many more, gaming requires a lot of ingenuity and work to produce. And to some gaming has become a part of their life, what they do, what they get out of gaming is much more than entertainment. Players feel emotions, get involved, consumed almost by the game; it can be an escape for some. So the importance of why we should understand gaming is because it is there, it has influenced us, compelled us and changed us, and it isn’t going away.

The topic for my final paper isn’t just about gaming, but more specifically what gaming companies have done internationally to influence the plays over the seas,  and how MMORPGs have created their own community throughout the world and became an internally phenomena. The importance of all this is that even though United States play a lot of games, has a huge population of gamers and a huge gaming community, a lot of the games we play are from overseas, why is that? Companies like Sony, Square Enix, and Nintendo, have been on the top ten lists for largest gaming companies since the gaming industry even began. How these companies manage this is through international media, the way the market it to us (United States) is different from the way they adversities to their own country. Why is that? That’s because of culture and the way each country preserves gaming. The importance of this is to see how large of an influence these companies have even though they are just simply gaming companies.

Now there are many examples of how we as gamers are so influenced and in love with gaming, this clip is a recent commercial about the PS4 and how it can “Consume” the player and how it builds a community.

Here is another commercial, One of my favorites about the PlayStation 4 and how it talks about being “Great”, questioning you, the viewer and to be “Great” and anything you want to be. It’s a really good commercial and talks about the coming of age of gaming is unstoppable.




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