Bermuda Ads: Fuseideas is the answer

That video is the new brand of advertising in Bermuda. After years of alleged scandals involving the former agency that previously ran tourism advertising for Bermuda, Globalhue, Fuseideas was hired to bring the tourism level back to the top in Bermuda, and that video was its first piece of work.

On its own website (pictured below), Fuseideas claims that it is the solution to fixing a “decade of declining tourism and previously failed advertising campaign,” and that there has been a four percent increase in tourism since it took over as the full-service advertising tourism for the Bermuda Department of Tourism.


With Bermuda posting one of the highest per capita incomes in the world, it relies heavily on tourism — with an average of 360,000 visitors annually — to constantly boost its income. Eighty four percent of that tourism income comes from North America. So, the bottom line is that advertising media is a big deal.

Here are some other examples of media that Fuseideas and Bermuda tourism has installed over the past year to try to increase tourism numbers:






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