An Asian Misinterpretation-International Media

I chose to write my blog post on a Chinese stereotype. I merged media from the United States along with Chinese media to illustrate the stereotype that is portrayed in the media. This local video shows a comedian who makes fun of Asian women who do nails at a salon. She basically makes the job look meaningless, and portrays them to be women who don’t really know what they are talking about. However, in the article from a Chinese news source, it shows how the people of China have taken the art of manicures and pedicures and have actually turned it into an acupunctural remedy. The article states that the women who discovered the acupunctural remedy was actually called “the girl who plays with stinky feet,” and now she has created a whole business out of it.

This particular story is important to international media because it helps people from other countries see a history behind something they might think is meaningless. To find a cure for foot ailments out of something as simple as a pedicure is a pretty important discovery. The article also states that cures for some of these ailments could not be found at hospitals within the country. The article that I read is a form of media that shows how China is progressing in ways that other countries may not be, which is important for international media.

Article Link:

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