The 2014 Academy Awards Around the World

The 86th annual Academy Awards ceremony took place this past Sunday, and although the event itself was a largely ‘American’ event, the Oscars had a global reach. Despite most of the big winners being American actors or American-made films (Jared Leto, Matthew McConaughey, Frozen, Gravity, and The Great Gatsby), the Academy Awards is a huge event that is incredibly influential and important all over the globe.


People were able to tune in to the program from practically any corner of the world. CTV was broadcasting the ceremony in Canada, while Sky Living aired it in the United Kingdom. Germany hosted the ceremony on Pro7, while Italy aired it on Mediaset. Even people living in Thailand, Singapore, France, Malaysia, China, and Cambodia had access to television channels to watch the Academy Awards on.

2014 Oscars - The show

Over 40 million Americans watched the 86th Academy Awards. However, the program was broadcasted to over 225 countries worldwide, and was viewed by several hundred million people across the globe.



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