TIME is one of the top magazines in the United States and it circulates around the globe. On multiple occasions the magazine produces a different cover for the United States and the rest of the world, often times negating international issues and focusing on homeland concerns. Hypothetically speaking, if TIME was one of the only sources of international media into the US, international media would not exist. Take a look at the examples i found on Buzzfeed.com and i challenge you to ask why is this allowed?

Jan. 21st, 2013

Dec.5th, 2011





Jan. 16th, 2012




July 2nd, 2012



June 4th, 2012



It seems that TIME magazine is aware of international issues and deems them important enough for the cover of their magazine, but seems to purposely avoid printing that version in the US. There is a number of possible reasons including an effort to increase nationalism, to avoid public support for outside issues, and to simply reassert American dominance on a global scale. TIME magazine is not read by everyone but it is an important reflection on an issue in American journalism and is important to address in this class.


American TIME Magazine Covers vs. International TIME Magazine Covers


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