Media in the Motherland

It may seem like ages ago, but just last week this image went viral during a malfunction during the opening ceremonies at the Winter Olympics currently taking place in Sochi, Russia. We all recognize the image well now, and the internet definitely ran with it, using every photo-shop opportunity to edit the picture into something even more humorous.


This image, however infamous we think it may be, is not what the Russian people saw during the broadcast of the celebration. Instead, during the malfunction, Russian broadcasts were switched to a previously recorded rehearsal in which everything worked out perfectly.


To the Russian media, it was very important to uphold a solid reputation, especially at the very beginning of the games. Coming off of a week with the internet had being filled with constant updates and criticisms by international media  of the conditions in Sochi. It is interesting to consider why Russia made this decision.

Vladimir Putin

For my Final Project I want to take a deeper look at the Winter Olympics, and how they are being documented in countries with varying freedoms when it comes to their media. We have always experienced the prime time American broadcast of these events, and I think it will be intriguing to compare methods like ours, or Canada’s, with those of Russia. Social media is really taking a toll on the “standard” practice of media, even for Americans, so I think this is an interesting time to observe and compare how it is affecting other countries.




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