Pakistani News or Infotainment

For my research paper I am focusing on media in South Asia in particular in the country of Pakistan. When compared to the media portrayed in the United States, media in Pakistan has a significant amount of differences. Many of the popular channels and networks from which people receive their daily and international news is highly entertainment based. Infotainment in Pakistan is very common in order to attract the attention of the wide ranges of different audiences. The news is not only relatively short delivered but news networks even play music and animation to add an entertainment aspect to their updates.

I think talking about the differences in this country and learning how media is portrayed there relates to the course because it allows us to explore the different aspects of media internationally. Although the media consists of the same basic aspects of being informative or entertaining each country depicts media in its own unique way. This winter break I was able to experience the media myself in Pakistan. While watching one of the most prominent news networks “Geo TV News”, I found it interesting that when they spoke about a man creating a riot in a shopping center they played background music and even sped up the clip after discussing it to make his actions look different. This shows the entertainment aspect of the media. Although I could not find the particular video clip I was referring to, below is a compilation on youtube of clips consisting entertainment aspects of the news. For example while one of the anchor talks slow music plays in the background because the news he is discussing is considered “boring”. In this sense, instead of straight facts and information it is very common in countries like Pakistan to add an entertainment aspect to their news and media.


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