Honduras, It’s Worse Than We Think

honduras 3

The media landscape of Honduras is one that is not known to many. And the media landscape that the locals see and experience is not necessarily the one presented to the rest of the world. Statistically, Honduras is one of, if not the, most dangerous place in the world for journalists. Journalists Without Borders has reported that26 journalists have been murdered in Honduras in just the past four years. Honduras

After former president Jose Manuel Zelaya was ousted in 2009 there has been a drastic increase in violence. And as to be expected, those who try to bring light to issues experience some of the most danger. In fact, San Pedro Sula, the hub of industry in Honduras has earned the title “Murder Capital of the World” for the second year in a row.

While freedom of speech and the press are constitutionally protected, no one seems to be interested in enforcing those protections. Intimidation of the press and outright forced writing are common and there is basically no consequences for these actions. The Committee to Protect Journalists has reported that 80% of crimes against journalists have gone unpunished in the country.
However the people of Honduras suffer on multiple levels because of press intimidation and violence. Not only is the country outright dangerous for everyone, but it is especially lethal to those who have a voice and may have hand in changing things. While the residents of the country may be able to decipher what’s going on by just being in the community, the international community is blind and deaf to the severity of the problems in Honduras. In depth reporting, especially on the important issues is non existent so internationally, issues come off as not as bad as they truly are. If the international community was introduced to severity of the situation then maybe the world would be able to strike back against the drug gangs and corrupt officials that rule the state and offer some help to the innocent people of Honduras.

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