International Media

International Media is a study that explores global mass media on both institutional and individual levels.  An institutional level for example, is cable network CNN.  CNN is not only an American news station, but part of a global conglomerate, broadcasted throughout the globe and entrenched within cultures worldwide.


As far as individual levels, the recent drug confession of Toronto mayor Rob Ford made international headlines, including countries in the far east such as China.  Why does it matter to the Chinese audience what a mayor in Canada has done?


Another example of the flow of media on an individual level is the popularity and self made brand of the Kardashian family.  What is it about this family without any particular talent that has garnered so much international attention and a faithful following of admirers?


Technology enables the rapid spread of news across the world.  With international media we are able to analyze the multi-directional flow of information through different mediums and the way cross cultural information is able to impact and influence societies.



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