Collectives/Individuals Making Media

Group 8: Zach Halperin,Grace Hong, Luis Acosta

In today’s day and age, the opportunity for individuals and groups to post information instantaneously has become more prevalent.  With the ever growing popularity and access to social media and blogs, individuals can circulate their own information at a much higher rate. As a matter of fact, people are getting their information through social networks instead of traditional news sources such as newspapers and television. For example, breaking news is discovered by citizens through social media websites like Twitter and Facebook. These blogs and websites give people the opportunity to express their own opinions and views on certain events.  For example, users on Twitter are able to see an artist like Macklemore win a Grammy for Best Rap Album, and then critique the decision on social media based on their views. It is now a trend, especially among the younger generation (18-24) primarily use social networks as a source of news. For instance, during the Boston Bombings, 56% of adults ages 18-24 turned to social networks for Boston news (Pew Research Center 2013). Another example of how media circulates is the case of Sohaib Athar. He was a Pakistani man who was a first hand witness to the capture of Osama Bin Laden.  Athar was tweeting information about what was going on as the Navy SEALS were raiding Bin Laden’s home. During and after the operation, thousands and thousands of twitter users were following him, including big network news companies like NBC, FOX, CNN. From his small hutch in Pakistan, Athar was the main source of information for the millions viewing.

sohaib       Sohaib-Athar-tweet


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