Apple Wants “You” To Be Different…Just Like Everyone Else

Group 2: In Wook Park, Thalia Ortiz, and Juan Carlos Cruz

One media institution that has had a tremendous influence on the international media market as well as becoming a household name, is the American multinational corporation, Apple. The difference between Apple and other technology companies aren’t the products that they sell, but how they sell their products. This makes Apple a prime example of an established media institution that has major influence over the international media market. Apple’s key cornerstone is having a good marketing operation to make the public and the consumer believe in the product as well as the company, and that they aren’t trying to sell you materialistic things, but rather ideas and the idea of the community, which is something we need in order to progress to the future. The reason why Apple is so successful is because of the influence they have on the public, Apple is a trend setter that tells the social norm and what is deemed as acceptable. Now, this isn’t saying that everyone will fall behind Apple, but a large portion of America does. Apple’s main key focus isn’t selling a product, but rather an idea, that idea is that which we stay together, connected and progressive in a simpler and more effective way. Apple is socially accepted in the idea of “fitting in” and is presumed to be the future of technology, so if you aren’t an Apple user then you will fall behind. The way Apple markets their products is somewhat of a revolutionary idea, where the every day person should have this product. Examples include the Apple Silhouette commercials where the person that is depicted is unknown to the audience/viewer and appeals to the masses, making people feel like they could be that person in the commercial. It’s like the idea that we are capable of accomplishing anything with Apple.

Another example of this sort of “you are capable of being great” commercial is the 1984 Apple Macintosh ad in the Superbowl, where they took a scene from the book “1984” where Apple helps break the “mind control” of big brother. 

Finally, another approach that Apple sticks with, and this is probably one of the stronger ones, is the idea of being different, being an individual and doing great things. The commercial “think different” doesn’t really show any Apple products, but rather share an idea that Apple follows and that is the idea of being different, doing something outside the box and being unique and through this commercial, Apple isn’t trying to sell their product, but rather a belief of that they stand for.

Apple uses these medias, whether it’s television, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, and many many more to spread their idea of this self-achievement and how even “You” are capable of making a difference.

Another example of Apple’s strong influence is the fact that they aren’t just in the United States, but global and all over the world that include Europe, Asia, and of course America. As of last year, the company has over 416 stores worldwide. (Daily Mail)

Apple products are sold over seas and even made from overseas production facilities. Unfortunately, they have been accused on numerous occasions of having poor labor practices where their factory employees are often overworked and face health and safety issues.

“More than 90 percent of Apple’s products – including the iPhone, iPad and Mac computer — are assembled in China. Labor practices and working and living conditions at factory-owned dorms came under scrutiny after more than a dozen workers committed suicide starting in 2010. The New York Timeswrote an in-depth series about working conditions at Apple’s partner sites, and last year delivered a petition signed by hundreds of thousands of consumers asked Apple to take a more forceful stance with suppliers in China.” – Forbes


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